Webinar: Renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) 

Join us on Thursday, October 7 at 10.30AM EST

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How to use renewable energy in your business

Join our energy experts as we simplify what choosing renewable energy means for your business and reveal the smartest ways for businesses to use renewable energy and the costs. We’ll also help you compare carbon credits vs renewable energy certificates. 

Flow Power owns and contracts with a number of GreenPower accredited wind and solar projects across Australia from whom we purchase GreenPower accredited LGCs.  With the Renewable Power Purchase Agreement, we nominate a specific project which gives your business a clear line of sight to the plant generating your LGCs

Renewable Power Purchase Agreement benefits at a glance.

  • A competitive green energy rate
  • 100% GreenPower, linked to a specific renewable energy source
  • A Price Efficiency Adjustment (PEA) instead of peak and off-peak rate


  • Get access to kWatch®
  • And a quarterly, bi-annual or annual energy review.
For more information about GreenPower and the National GreenPower Accreditation Program, please refer towww.greenpower.gov.au.

Meet the panelists:

Jacob Mahoney

General Manager at Flow Power with extensive experience in energy consultancy, business development and customised energy management solutions.

Sarah Cork

Keeping a 24/7 eye on the energy market for you, our Market Monitoring Module sends you SMS and email notifications so that you can take advantage of lower wholesale energy rates when they drop.

Byron Trichardt

You can’t control the weather, but you can use it to help you save.Our Data Management Module sends you real time data like current temperature, wind speed, air pressure and other key weather factors that can help influence how you manage your energy.
If your business is a large energy user, this discussion on renewable energy will be of particular interest and value.
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