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Power Active

Lock in a deal, unlock potential 

Go beyond standard peak and off-peak. 

Power Active gives businesses the confidence of a fixed base rate with added time of use flexibility linked to the wholesale market.

Through Flow Power’s Power Active plan, you benefit from using energy when it is cheapest on the wholesale market, which is often during the day.

It’s an energy contract to shake up the market.

Renewable energy generation is highest during the day and market prices are typically at their lowest. Does your current energy contract reward you for using more energy during the day? Power Active will.

How Power Active works 

This plan is powered by Flow Power’s industry first Price Efficiency Adjustment (PEA). A PEA is Flow Power’s measurement of how efficient your energy use is and we’re here to help you get the best PEA possible. Through Flow Power’s intelligent customer tools and alerts, we’ll help you monitor the energy market prices, so you can time your energy use around low price periods. Low price periods typically occur in the day, when the most renewable energy is generated and supplied to the grid. 

By optimising your energy behaviour around low energy prices, you’ll improve your PEA, your bill and your carbon intensity. Can’t change the way you use energy? No worries, you could still benefit if you use more energy in daytime hours than not, find out what your PEA is here 

Benefit from a competitive rate when you sign your contract, and the power to unlock a lower rate if market prices fall, by buying an Active Option with your Power Active contract.  

Key plan features

  • Access to competitive base energy rate at the time of contracting 
  • Get rewarded for energy efficiency activity through the Price Efficiency Adjustment 
  • Intelligent technology supplied to monitor the energy market for low prices 
  • Dedicated energy specialist, Client Solutions Managers in your state 

How pricing works 

Energy retailers typically charge large energy users a higher contract premium if most of their energy usage is during peak periods. Flow Power is committed to price transparency, so with a Power Active plan, you control the way you use your energy use. This means more than ever before, you can shape your energy price.  

When you join a Power Active plan, Flow Power lock in a base energy rate, add a transparent retail margin and an Active Option access fee (if applicable). Your Price Efficiency Adjustment is then applied to give you your indicative net energy rate each month. 

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Is this plan right for your business?

Power Active is an ideal plan for a wide range of businesses and industries. Schools, single-shift manufacturing, farms & agribusiness, shopfront retail outlets, cold storage, and many more businesses with day-time power consumption are part of the Flow Power customers that enjoy the benefits of Power Active.  

Ready to power up? Our friendly energy specialists are here to help.  

If you have any questions about how Power Active and our add on features could suit your business, the Flow Power team are here to help.