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Power Active

Secure a competitive base rate, with the power to pay less for using electricity smarter.

Take action for your electricity bills

Power Active is an electricity contract to shake up the market. You can enjoy the security of a fixed base rate, with the power to pay less if you use energy more efficiently.

We think it’s time customers stop paying a premium for doing the right thing. It’s just one of the ways we reward you for using electricity, smarter.


How does Power Active save your business money?

Electricity is often cheapest on the wholesale market during the day, when the most renewable energy is generated and supplied to the grid.  If you can switch the majority of your usage to these low price periods, you’re likely using cleaner, cheaper electricity.

That’s why we created an industry-first Price Efficiency Adjustment, or PEA. It rewards you for shifting how and when you use energy, giving you the power to shape your business’s electricity prices.

Power Active Key Features

  • Enjoy a competitive fixed base electricity rate at the time of contracting 
  • Get rewarded for energy efficiency activity through the Price Efficiency Adjustment 
  • Intelligent technology supplied to monitor the electricity market for low prices and save you money
  • A dedicated electricity specialist assigned to your business, in your state, for anything you need

How does pricing work?

Electricity retailers typically charge large energy users a higher contract premium if most of their electricity usage is during peak periods. We do things a little differently.

At Flow Power, we’re committed to price transparency. So, with a Power Active plan, you control the way you use your electricity. This puts the power in your hands when it comes to shaping your electricity price.  

When you join Power Active, we’ll lock in a fixed base rate, add a transparent retail margin, and apply the Active Option access fee (if applicable). Your Price Efficiency Adjustment is then applied to give you your indicative net energy rate each month. 

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How much could my business save with Power Active?

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An active approach to electricity, done your way

Choose from our selection of helpful Power Active add-ons, to customise your plan.

Real results with the Active Option

Customers that took the Active Option with their Power Active contract for periods between July 2021 and December 2022 achieved an average of 11.8% savings off their electricity base rates (excluding the cost of the Active Option). It pays to get smart with your power.

See how much the Active Option saved Gazzola Farms

What is a Price Efficiency Adjustment?

A PEA is Flow Power’s measurement of how efficient your electricity use is. We’re here to help you get the best PEA possible.

Using Flow Power’s innovative customer tools and alerts, we’ll help you monitor the electricity market prices, so you can time your use around low price periods.

By optimising your electricity behaviour in line with low prices, you’ll improve your PEA and your carbon efficiency. This will be reflected as savings in your next bill.

Can’t change the way you use electricity? No problem. You can still benefit if you use more electricity in daytime hours – get in contact to learn how this would work for your business.

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Ready to power up? Our energy specialists are here to help

Power Active is ideal for a wide range of businesses and industries, especially if you use more electricity during the day.

If you’ve got any questions about how Power Active or our add on features could work for you, get in touch now.