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Shoalhaven Community Solar Farm

A NSW community coming together to spark the shift towards a renewable future

Project overview

Tucked away on the south coast of New South Wales on Yuin country, Shoalhaven is bordered by mountains, coastal plains and around 100 breath taking beaches. It’s now also proudly the home of Flow Power’s Shoalhaven Community Solar Farm.

Location: Shoalhaven, New South Wales
3.926 MW capacity
~5,500 tons of carbon saved each year
Powering equivalent to 1070 homes

Key information

  • The solar farm provides clean energy to the grid, the City of Sydney and businesses across New South Wales.
  • This project was the vision of community group Repower Shoalhaven, and made real by Flow Power
  • The City of Sydney’s purchasing power enabled the project’s construction.
  • This is Australia’s first GreenPower Connect certified project independently certifying the PPA between City of Sydney and Flow Power directly led to the construction of a new renewable generator.

About the project

The 3 MW Shoalhaven Community Solar Farm has been primary financed, built, and is operated by Flow Power. Flow Power have a commitment through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to acquire the entire generated output for 15 years.  

The farm generates and provides clean energy to the market, including Flow Power’s anchor customer, the City of Sydney. 

Funding the project

This is a shared project and was funded by both Flow Power and local investors within the Shoalhaven community, who raised $500,000 to fund this project. While Flow Power is a private company, the partnership with Repower Shoalhaven, was driven by ambitions to realise the community-based project, making it the first of its kind.  

Repower Shoalhaven, a community energy group and not-for-profit social enterprise that have a commitment to move away from fossil fuel generation and step towards a renewable future. 

The Shoalhaven Community Solar Farm provides a roadmap for other communities to launch their own renewable projects.

Matthew van der Linden, CEO, Flow Power

How does the Shoalhaven Project work?

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The teams powering the Shoalhaven Community Solar Farm project

There were five key factors that powered this project: 

A local community group’s renewable mission

The commitment of Repower Shoalhaven and their vision of supporting the transition to sustainable energy. 

The Shoalhaven council approval to utilise the land

Repower Shoalhaven were able to secure the once unproductive land through their relationship with the local council. Without access to this land, this project would not have been possible. 

The financial commitment of community investors and Flow Power

$500,000 was raised by the not-for-profit group Repower Shoalhaven through community investment. The rest was financed by Flow Power, who brought in the various contractors and resources to get the project up and running. 

Securing an anchor customer

Another key factor was the City of Sydney’s commitment to purchase a significant amount of the project’s output which underpinned the demand and commercial viability of the project. The Shoalhaven community solar farm now plays a key part towards The City of Sydney’s sustainability goals. 

Flow Power’s commitment to building Australia’s renewable energy future

The final key factor was Flow Power’s commitment and dedication towards renewable energy generation, along our strong focus on empowering Australian communities to be at the centre of creating Australia’s renewable energy future. 

The land for the project

The solar farm currently spreads over 5.038Ha of land leased from the Shoalhaven City Council on Yuin Country. 

However, this isn’t just any piece land. Before the solar panels were installed, the project area was used as a sanitary waste deport for dumping rubbish and waste storage. 

Community benefits

After an initial area clean-up and a construction phase that provided 300 jobs to local contractors, the Shoalhaven Community Solar Farm continues to provide ongoing employment and educational opportunities.  

The farm additionally provides financial returns for community investors and of course, clean, and affordable energy supplied to the Australia’s energy market. 

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