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Providing you with transparency and control over your energy usage

Putting the power back in your hands

Flow Power is on a mission to provide transparency in the energy industry. Empowering customers with the data, knowledge and insights to make informed choices and achieve a greener future, together. 

Everything we do is with this purpose in mind. We are dedicated to developing our technology and advisory services to provide you with control over your energy usage, price and carbon intensity.  

About the Customer Portal

Every Flow Power customer gets access to the Customer Portal, which gives you an overview of the energy market forecast and prices, your total energy consumption, recent invoices, billing information and how much power you are using at certain times of the day.  

When linked with the kWatch Controller (included with all Flow Power Plans) you will be able to access real-time data, alerts and automation, through the customer portal, to help you reach your energy goals sooner. 

Key Benefits

  • Daily energy consumption 
  • View and download invoices and billing information 
  • Time of use related wholesale spot prices 
  • Energy ready analysis (if you’re an Energy Ready customer)  
  • Price efficiency of your energy consumption 

The customer portal provides you with a visual representation of how your energy usage relates to the wholesale electricity price.  


Understand your energy use

By understanding your energy usage throughout the day, you can break down your operational work processes. You’ll then be able to figure out ways to improve your price efficiency by potentially shifting your heavier load consumptions to lower-priced periods.

But you won’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help you understand your energy through our dedicated business Client Solutions Managers or our Energy Ready service. Click here for a 6-month free trial to help optimise your business energy strategy.

What can I do with the Customer Portal?

Market Monitoring Service
Be notified when it is predicted that electricity prices will be high

If you’re a Flow Power customer with our Market Monitoring Service (MMS) you will be notified by Flow Power when it is predicted that electricity prices will be high. These alerts help you respond by changing your energy usage, so you get the best possible electricity price from the market.  

Customers are able to avoid using electricity during the most expensive periods by reducing their loads, thereby lowering their annual electricity expenditure. 

Our MMS portal hub 

  • Shows you a log of the last 10 high price events and how you used energy in that period 
  • Gives you a basic analysis of your site(s) performance. 
Energy Asset Automation
Sit back and relax knowing we’re here to do the hard work with our Energy Asset Automation Service

Our team of energy specialists are consistently monitoring the marketing for you, and we will automatically switch off/on your assets (based on contractual arrangements) if a high price event is occurring.

Don’t worry, we’ll never switch off your energy without informing you first.   

With all the benefits of our Market Monitoring Service (MMS), our Energy Asset Automation Service makes it easy to access low price periods and avoid high price events.   

Market Forecast
Plan ahead with the Market Forecast tool, which provides you with an up-to-date weekly forecast

Enjoy an outlook on expected wholesale prices and daily 3-hour breakdowns based on the different states. 

The Market Forecast tool gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the energy market by changing your consumption to periods when prices are cheapest.  

The market forecast tool uses information from sources such as AEMO and Flow Power’s specialised energy market experts. 

The forecast tool does not account for any emergency situations.  

Price Efficiency Indicator
Benefit from knowing the energy market price in your region at any time of the day with the Price Efficiency Indicator

Utilising live data, the gauge’s arrow gives you a visual representation of the price efficiency status for your site’s energy consumption and provides real information as to whether the latest energy price and your current energy usage are improving or worsening your monthly Price Efficiency Adjustment.  

The indicator tool allows you to take a more active role in improving your price outcomes. For organisations working towards sustainability goals, this tool is especially useful. Periods when energy prices are the highest are often tied to the most carbon-intensive (fossil-fueled) times.  

Our friendly energy specialists are here to help!  

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