In a webinar on June 30, our experts discussed what’s happened in the wholesale energy market over last financial year, the particular events that have had a direct impact on supply and demand and what these changes mean for large energy users.

Some of the key points discussed during the webinar include:

  • Energy trends: What’s happened in the energy market in the last 12 months and what do fluctuating prices mean for businesses
  • Changes in the energy market: How is the changing energy mix affecting how businesses buy energy
  • Energy solutions: What businesses can do to leverage the energy market with innovative products and technology

Some of the questions anwered during the webinar include:

  • Should you still be installing solar on your roofs?
  • Given the negative price events in South Australia, are businesses in South Australia benefiting from the daytime price drops?
  • Is wholsale energy a good option for businesses that don’t have flexibility in their energy usage?
  • How do you know if your business if better off with flexible or fixed energy pricing?

EOFY energy check – 3 things our experts suggest you can do as a large energy user:

  • Find out when your energy contract ends
  • Find out if you have an ‘Option’ available
  • Find out if ‘Peak and Off-Peak’ rates are best suited for your energy profile

Watch the webinar for a detailed discussion on all these points and you can also get in touch with one of our experts to understand what are the best options for your business.

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