We’ve brought businesses solar minus the panels with our renewable corporate PPAs and now we’re excited to announce that we can connect businesses with onsite solar to the wholesale market.

Flow Power has become a listed Market Small Generation Aggregator (SGA) through AEMO. This means that we can provide energy services for medium-scale solar installations across the National Electricity Market (NEM)

We know that the way power is used is never a one size fits all model, and having an SGA means we can connect solar farms and businesses with solar installations to the wholesale market to ensure that they are paid the wholesale price for that power.

The return on your solar investment just got better

Are you a solar installer? We’re a retailer that wants to partner with you.

But why work with us?

  • Save with wholesale power
  • Say goodbye to fixed rates
  • We facilitate the process

We can help you with your installations and help you maximise the benefits through accessing the wholesale power market – instead of having to bear fixed rates.

If you run a small-medium sized solar installation and export all your power in to the grid, you can now be paid at the wholesale price for power.

Businesses can be paid at wholesale power rates

If your business is looking at installing solar panels on site with the purpose of selling the power your business generates back into the grid, you’re in luck.
With an SGA, we’re now able to facilitate this process for your business and make sure you get the most out of your power.

A smart investment

You can see the benefits by investing in solar, but make sure that you make the most of it by working with the wholesale power market.

Get in touch to find out how it can work for you.

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