ARENA is looking for projects that deliver:
More affordable energy
Higher value renewable energy resources
Secure and reliable electricity supply
Innovative ways to improve energy productivity
Increased skills and knowledge in energy
Data to inform new business models and regulatory changes
Why does it even matter?

It matters because Australia’s electricity system is changing. Fossil fuel generators are retiring, and more businesses are seeking new ways to buy and use power. Examples include rooftop solar, solar PPAs, microgrids, bioenergy and wholesale energy solutions.

In the investment plan, ARENA reports that renewable energy sources, such as large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind, have experienced strong growth. This growth has largely been driven by the Renewable Energy Target to provide low cost, low emissions electricity for Australia.

Businesses that invest in new technologies enjoy:

  • New ways of managing power
  • Better cost management
  • More potential to invest into other areas of their business
  • The opportunity to contribute to Australia’s future
The path to better energy for Australian businesses

Turning to new ways to buy and use power can further long-term renewable resource development. These approaches and their technologies would create cost-competitive low emissions options to balance and operate the national grid by 2030.

The result? Better integrated distributed energy that can meet up to half of Australia’s electricity needs by 2050. And that’s just the beginning.

The ARENA investment plan offers a more in-depth look at how Australian businesses can harness more affordable, reliable and secure power.

Go with the flow!

If you’re wondering about the feasibility of these new technologies and whether your business is ready to take part, we’re here to help.

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