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Why Australian businesses choose Flow Power as their energy partner

Creating the renewable energy future, together

Since 2009, Flow Power has been one of the fastest-growing energy retailers in the country. We’re proud to serve some of Australia’s best-loved brands and organisations, including Sydney Opera House, Snack Brands, Westpac, Pernod Ricard and many more. 

Why Flow Power?

Better for your business

Our innovative energy solutions help Australian businesses take control of their electricity use. 

From tailored electricity plans and expert engineering and advisory, to our smart technology and on-site solar solutions.

Let us find a better way to power your business.

Better for your budget

Move beyond peak and off-peak electricity pricing, with Flow Power’s unique power plans. 

Enjoy the benefits of wholesale electricity pricing and see the savings on your bill for using energy when it’s cheaper and more renewable. 

Small changes in energy behaviour could lead to big savings.

Better for the planet

We don’t just sell renewable energy plans – we generate it. Over 930 GWh annually. 

Our energy generation portfolio has and always will be 100% renewable, based here in Australia.

Choosing Flow Power supports the development of Australia’s renewable future. 

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Empowering Australian businesses with their energy data

You can’t control what you can’t measure. So, we’re making sure your business has access to the real-time data it needs to make informed energy decisions. 

From kWatch technology installed on your site, to our intuitive Customer Portal at your fingertips – we’ve got the tools to help our customers use energy smarter. 

flow power's energy ready portal

A personalised approach to your power needs

Don’t waste your time on hold or listening to automated messages – get connected to an energy expert in your state right away. 

We assign a dedicated account manager to every customer, ensuring you’ve got the specialist support you need to turn energy into a competitive advantage for your business.  

Flow Power isn’t just tools and tech. We’re powered by our people. 

Industry-leading engineering & advisory services

Our full-service, in-house team helps businesses navigate the changing energy market and unlock additional revenue. 

From on-site assessments to full-scale energy strategy and utility-scale renewable development projects, we’ll work with you to understand your organisation, and develop specialised solutions to suit your business’s needs. 

Flow Power Engineers

Energy that makes an impact

We know energy has the power to make an impact, for people and the planet. That’s why we’re dedicated to driving positive change, creating value within and beyond the communities we operate and serve. 

Your contribution as a Flow Power customer helps us create a cleaner, safer energy future for us all. 

smiling team member wearing high vis vest

Award winning solar installations and audits

Flow Power’s solar team delivers award-winning solar PV projects, as part of our end-to-end energy solutions.  

The team can assist with on-site rooftop solar, ground mount solar, backup generation and energy storage, and has been widely recognised as a leading provider of solar power systems and audits. 

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Hear how we’re helping our customers use energy smarter

Ready for a better way to power your business?

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Our specialists can connect your business to a smarter energy solution, with all your energy needs met under one roof.