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Our story

It all started with a single lightbulb moment.

A story of ideas.

This was Australia’s first lightbulb moment.

Creating a National Energy Market in Australia.

This is what we now call the ‘wholesale energy market’.

This is what we now call the ‘wholesale energy market’.

In 2009 a local engineer built a way for businesses to buy wholesale power

Today, with more control and options...

You can choose to manage your own energy, or put an expert in charge.

Now, isn’t that a good idea?

Today, we’re 50 people in Hawthorn

David Evans

Director of Commerical and Engineering

Having trade qualifications in electrical engineering and more than 20 years’ experience in industrial automation, energy efficiency, power systems and business management, David has constantly helped businesses become more sustainable, improving their reliability and efficiency while reducing their costs. David also holds a Graduate Certificate in Sustainability, completed in 2009.

Matthew van der Linden


Using knowledge and experience of the UK deregulated energy market, Matthew became heavily involved in the deregulation process in Australia through 1994. This led to Matthew starting Utilacor and the creation of the powerful and unique energy management tool, kWatch – which continues to provide quantifiable benefits to customers today.

More recently Matthew began Flow Power, formerly known as PG Energy. The Licensed Electricity Retailer specialises in addressing the needs of large customers across the National Electricity Market, in South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland. This innovative business works with customers across industries as diverse as cold storage, quarries and agriculture to leverage the wholesale electricity market.

Liz Fletcher

Marketing Manager

Prior to working with the Flow Power team, Liz led TransGrid’s efforts in marketing their non-regulated services in both Infrastructure and Telecommunications.  In this role, Liz headed up the Knowledge Sharing Activities for the Renewable Energy Hub study, which was co-funded by ARENA. Today, Liz is Marketing Manager at Flow Power.  In this project, she will be the point of contact for the Knowledge Sharing Activities and customer acquisition strategies.

David O'Connor

General Manager Human Resources

David has a strong background in all facets of human resources and people management – from remuneration and benefits through to recruitment and workplace compliance. He has worked across multiple industries including law, finance and energy. Each role providing David with insight into how to build strong and effective teams.

For David, driving the workplace culture at Flow Power will be key in meeting the visions of the businesses and instilling the corporate values of Integrity, Service, Communication and Respect.

Darren Betts

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Darren brings to the business a strong background in a number of large industries – including but not limited to Distribution, construction, IT and logistics. Each role providing Darren with insight into how to build strong and effective finance function.

Bianca Beebee

Inside Sales Manager

Bianca brings over a decade of experience managing large sales and service teams of 10+ people. Coordinating and managing teams across APAC. Developing and executing new sales and service strategies and 10+ years specialising in the technology and SaaS space.


Vegtable and Potato industries

They advocate and ensure a high quality service provision. Flow Power is committed to helping their members cut power costs and provide tailored energy strategies for the unique power usage of Australian vegetable growers.

Clean Energy Council

The Clean Energy Council is the peak body for the clean energy industry in Australia.

Flow Power is a supporting member of the Clean Energy Council because we want to help and support advocacy for effective policy and market framework for clean energy while promoting the industry and its achievements.


The Construction Material Processors Association (CMPA)

Flow Power is a preferred supplier of CMPA and is committed to helping Quarries and construction industry buy better power on the wholesale market.


Energy Users Association of Australia

Flow Power is a voice for large energy users in Australia and it is important they are part of the dialogue to deliver a stable and affordable energy supply for all users.


Refrigerated Warehouse and Transport Association of Australia Ltd

Flow Power works with a number of cold stores and storage businesses and understands the energy demands of these businesses.

Business SA

Chamber of Commerce and Industry South Australia

Flow Power works with many large energy users in SA and has helped businesses manage the recent price volatility in SA. As well as work to develop solutions to help these business reduce energy costs and gain access to renewable power.


Energy Efficiency Council

Flow Power is a corporate member of the Energy Efficiency Council because we need to promote stable government policy, provide clear information to energy users and drive the quality of energy efficiency products and services.