Jacob Mahoney had always wanted to promote renewable energy. But he didn’t know how – until he met Flow Power.

Energised by our mission, Jacob’s commitment to customers led him to rapidly progress through the ranks to become Chief Revenue Officer.

This is Jacob’s Flow Power story. And it’s a testament to his drive to help Australians do energy better.

(Note: since filming his career video, Jacob has progressed into the role of Chief Revenue Officer.)

From making money to pursuing purpose

“I’m a bit of a greenie at heart and I’ve always wanted to work in renewables. But I didn’t know where to begin or how to align my values with my career”

Before joining Flow Power, Jacob worked in energy consultancies, specialising in tenders and energy management solutions. He was helping businesses save money. But he wasn’t contributing to cleaner energy.

When Jacob was approached for an interview in 2017, an instant connection was formed.

“When I joined Flow Power and spoke with Matthew (CEO), it was clear that his priority was to empower customers and accelerate Australia’s renewable energy transition.”

“It was at that point that I knew I was in the right place as I was able to marry my personal beliefs and goals with the company’s vision.”

Account Manager to General Manager within 4 years

Jacob joined Flow Power as an Account Manager and was eager to make his mark. He soon broadened the scope of his role beyond tasks like renewing contracts.

Leading with enthusiasm, he proactively encouraged customers to rethink how they used energy. Like signing up to a renewable Power Purchase Agreement, installing solar panels or automating demand response.

“At Flow Power, it doesn’t matter what your title is. If you have a good idea, it will be taken seriously. Anyone can suggest a better process and see their idea come to life.”

Jacob rapidly progressed through the ranks to become Head of Client Solutions. He often worked closely with Tricia Lorenzo, Head of Solutions Development (now General Manager of New Product Integration), to close larger deals.

Tricia joined as Flow Power’s Senior Solutions Manager, soon securing major renewable contracts with Snack Brands, the City of Sydney and the City of Newcastle. Within 18 months, she’d helped grow the Sydney Flow Power team.

“Tricia focused on the front end of the deal to get customers on board and over the line. I focused on the back end to implement the solution. It was, and remains, a dynamic partnership to deliver long-lasting solutions for our customers.”

Support your peers and shape your career

With Flow Power’s flat, collaborative structure, Jacob has had the freedom and the support to steer his career.

“It gives people the opportunity to bounce around different teams, contribute to wider initiatives and break free from being pigeonholed within silos. Some people want to climb the ladder and build their leadership capabilities. Others want to try different things and learn new skills.”

“This is such a rewarding environment to shape your career as you see fit.”

Jacob has one final piece of advice to share with people eager to make their mark at Flow Power – and in the industry at large.

“Put your hand up and offer to help. It’s as simple as saying: ‘Hey, can I give you a hand with that?’ Support others and your contributions will ripple throughout the organisation.”

We’re on the lookout for curious creators and clean energy champions.

If you’re serious about making a difference and renewable energy, please send your resume to careers@flowpower.com.au

If there is a current role suited to your skills, our friendly team will be in touch.