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Power Wholesale

Access prices directly from the wholesale market

A whole new way to buy energy.

Be in charge of how you power your business with a Power Wholesale electricity plan. Enjoy the freedom of energy prices direct from the wholesale market, plus the power to respond to real market conditions. 

Accessing wholesale energy prices allow businesses to shape their usage to benefit from low price periods.  

When energy prices rise, protect yourself from paying higher rates by purchasing a quarterly ceiling or setting yourself up to power down. 


How Power Wholesale works 

Power Wholesale works by simply giving you access to the real prices of the wholesale energy market. 

These are the prices your provider normally pays for your electricity. 

Are wholesale electricity prices cheaper? 

The cost of your electricity changes throughout the day. During the day when solar is abundant, the grid is flooded with cheap, clean energy and prices are typically at their lowest. In the early evenings when the sun has set and during peak residential energy use, fossil fuel generators supply power to the grid and prices are typically highest.  

Responding to supply and demand  

To avoid high prices on the wholesale market when the grid’s energy demand and price is high, businesses can reduce their electricity usage. Put simply, demand response rewards businesses for powering down when prices are high and ramping up when they are low (during the day).   

Demand response doesn’t have to mean big changes in power use. Even small changes can make a difference. It can be as simple as powering down non-essential operations when you receive a signal from the energy market or moving more energy intensive operations to different times of the day. 


Key plan features 

  • Save during low wholesale market periods 
  • Be protected from fluctuating energy prices with by putting a ceiling price in place.  
  • A non-fixed rate contract, where the savings are passed directly onto you. A flexible 3–month rolling contract 
  • Intelligent technology supplied to monitor the energy market for low prices. Meet the kWatch Controller.
  • Dedicated energy specialist Client Solution Managers in your state.  

How Power Wholesale pricing works

The wholesale electricity price (also referred to as the spot price) is the price of electricity in the National Electricity Market (NEM). Energy is bought and sold on the NEM, generators sell into this market and electricity retailers buy from it. 

Wholesale electricity prices fluctuate throughout each day but tend to low during the day. Prices usually only rise when the demand is high, or supply is low. Despite this constant movement, most retailers charge fixed rates. We give you direct access to the wholesale market so that you can make the most of the lows while managing the price peaks. 

Flow Power passes this wholesale price onto you, plus our retail margin.  

Want to learn more about wholesale pricing? We’ve answered some of the commonly asked questions here 

Talk to us today to see how you can benefit from the wholesale market. 

Is this plan right for your business? 

Power Wholesale is designed for businesses that have more flexibility or automation options for their energy usage to use demand response. However, almost any business can benefit from it using its existing assets. 

Ready to power up? Our friendly energy specialists are here to help.  

If you have any questions about how Power Wholesale and our add on features could suit your business, the Flow Power team are here to help.