At Flow Power we realised the power of demand response early and we have been helping customers navigate natural demand response in the wholesale market for 10 years.

Now, the electricity market is in a transition phase created by an increase in renewables, aging infrastructure and reduction in traditional power market sources.

As a result, formalised demand response programs ran this summer in VIC, SA and NSW. There was only one day in January the RERT program was called and none in NSW. This is a good outcome as demand response is only a back up reserve and is only called upon when the grid needs it most.

The webinar discussed formal demand response programs and the ability for these programs to address reliability in the grid.

A real RERT Event

On Friday 19 January a RERT event was called in VIC. Three hot days in a row put pressure on the market. AEMO called a demand response event to keep the lights on. We alerted our customers of the event so they could prepare.

Demand response participants received messages to power down and reduce load. Customers responded acknowledging participation. Our kWatch Intelligent controller was installed on customer sites, enabling them to respond within minutes.

Leading up to an event there are things you can do to prepare. With the right information, customers can adapt to market signals.

The outcome was demand response provided approx. 20MW in SA and VIC. Customers also received payments from AEMO for their response.