For a term of up to 10 years, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) buy you a fixed percentage of wind or solar generation from  renewable generator. Purchases are made in real-time via the National Electricity Market (NEM), calculated in trading intervals under a ‘take or pay’ arrangement – so you’ll only pay for what you use. When the sun isn’t shining, or wind isn’t blowing – don’t stress, we’ll supply power at wholesale market rates.

What’s involved?

Re-sell what you don’t use
Renewable generation is offset against your use. When you use more than what is generated in an interval, Flow Power will source additional electricity from the wholesale market. When you use less, you have the option of selling the electricity to Flow Power at an agreed price or back to the wholesale market – the amount will be credited on your bill.
Part of your wholesale strategy
Buying energy wholesale generally outperforms fixed retail contract prices, historically delivering significant savings and requiring infrequent responses from businesses to price signals. It also provides greater transparency on spend, as well as increased flexibility – you can adjust your strategy at any time to account for seasonal demands, onsite generation and other changes in consumption requirements. Signing up to a PPA will secure low-cost power for your business for up to 10 years.
Need more information?
If you want to understand more about PPA’s and help with deciding whether buying renewable energy would work for your business talk to one of our experts.