One set project is the construction of a large-scale solar farm near Mooroopna, which will be capable of producing a minimum of 10MW. Solar farms of this scale would contribute to local energy supply, show the state’s commitment to renewable energy and help local businesses stay competitive.

Councils and businesses are also considering other renewable energy strategies, including a reliable off-peak energy supply such as battery storage and Solar PPAs.

Solar brings sustainability and low-cost electricity

Any new solar farms built will significantly increase power generation in Victoria. This will decrease future electricity prices and bring greater sustainability to local businesses.

If your business is feeling the pressure from the current climate, or feeling the pain of rising energy costs, you may need to rethink your operational decisions. You should also consider investing in solar or renewable energy.

What was that about a Solar PPA?

Flow Power offers businesses Solar PPAs to help control energy costs.

A Solar PPA enables you to purchase bulk electricity at 8 to 10c/kw via a locked-in contract – so even when prices rise, your business will still benefit from the flexibility of wholesale electricity purchasing.

When combined with our other wholesale electricity solutions, Mastery and Freedom, you can achieve even more flexibility and certainty.

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