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Building Intelligent Demand Response in South Australia

Advancing the use of demand response and distributed energy resources to benefit energy users and the system

In exciting news, Flow Power has been named as a successful participant in the South Australian Government’s Demand Management Trials Program.

This means, that we’ll be working to make it easier for more South Australian businesses to do demand response and be rewarded.

How will the program work?

Demand response rewards businesses for reducing their demand for power during peak energy periods. It helps prevent blackouts in South Australia and across the National Energy Market and allows businesses to take back control over energy costs.

We’ll be helping businesses automate demand response by leveraging market prediction algorithms and critical site information. Automated response to high price events can lower your energy bill and build efficiency and resilience into our energy system.

Different scenarios to expect…

  • Automatic non-essential load shedding
  • Automatic load shedding dependent on on-site parameters such as room temperatures or process statuses
  • Automatic load shedding authorised by your decision makers through SMS

We’ll work with participating businesses to find a level of automation that best fits their operations and schedules.

Leave the automation to us

We’ll install our kWatch® Intelligent Controller on-site to enable businesses to access data and automate demand responses processes.

The kWatch® Intelligent Controller empowers businesses to have greater control over their energy usage.

Participants can view their electricity demand in real time and set up custom alerts and actions based on operational needs. Constant monitoring of your site and market data enables efficient response to peak price market events.

Who can get involved?

This program is for South Australian businesses that are interested in taking control of their energy usage. You do not have to hold a retail contract with us to participate.

If you have sites outside of South Australia and want to do demand response, there are alternative programs available.

Our commitment to South Australia

The Building Intelligent Demand Response program is part of our long-term commitment to South Australia.

We’ve built long-term partnerships with South Australian businesses, opened our South Australian office and started to build out a team that will help us drive the uptake of renewables in South Australia and support the system to transition to a low carbon future.

This is another exciting announcement on top of last month’s partnership with City of Adelaide and acquisition of Streaky Bay and Coonalpyn solar farms.

Program updates & knowledge sharing

May 2022

Flow Power has installed and commissioned automated demand response load under the South Australian Government’s Building Intelligent Demand Response program.

In collaboration with our South Australian customers, local electrical contractors and Government, Flow Power have contracted 12 MW of demand response load, encompassing a mix of backup diesel generation, pivot irrigation systems, solar photovoltaic systems, refrigeration units, wastewater systems, and chiller units.

Flow Power have been working with council and across multiple industries, with demand response load registered with hospitality hotels, wineries, dairy, sheep and crop farmers, and, brick, paver and wool manufacturers.

Flow Power have commissioned 9 MW of this load, with the load now auto demand responsive.  This has helped our customers save on energy costs, whilst helping the South Australian electricity network during times of both low and high electricity supply and demand.

Some program statistics:
  • 12 MW of auto demand response load contracted
  • 9 MW of auto demand response load commissioned
    • Mix of load contracted for low supply/high demand periods:
  • 1.9 MW of refrigeration units
  • 1.6 MW of backup diesel generation
  • 1.2 MW of pivot irrigation systems
  • 1.1 MW of chiller units
  • 0.1 MW of wastewater systems
  • 1.5 MW of other aggregated load
    • Mix of load contracted for high supply/low demand periods:
  • 4.4 MW of solar photovoltaic systems

We’re here to help.

Looking to sign up?

If you’re interested in joining the Building Intelligent Demand Response South Australia program talk to one of our energy specialists!