Given the recent discussions at COAG on November 24, 2017, policy is still being decided upon, but here you will find Flow Power’s perspective.

The outcome of these discussions shows a pathway towards our common goal of clean, reliable and low cost energy. Now more than ever, Australians need policy certainty.

As the National Electricity Guarantee continues to take form, Flow Power, Australia’s fastest growing business electricity retailer, looks to the Energy Security Board and governments to embrace demand response as a pivotal part of the Australian energy market.

Now, what the industry needs most is a framework that encourages innovation and new technologies to ensure that all the right elements are in place to keep the lights on.

Globally, demand response proves to be an effective way for energy users to manage the power market. Demand response costs the system far less than batteries, new power stations or networks. Today, demand response provides dispatchable capacity which is of value to the market. When included in the NEG, it will provide further incentive for customers to be connected to the signals of the market, and respond accordingly.

“Power users need to be connected to the signals of the market. The NEG provides an opportunity to shape the way retailers sell power, whilst encouraging new technologies and demand response “, says Flow Power Managing Director, Matthew van der Linden.

Since its beginnings in 2009, Flow Power has been driving the uptake of demand response with customers. By connecting customers to market signals, we will change Australia’s energy market for the better.

Demand response can shape the market and empower consumers – a key element in dispatchability. It is critical to enabling a smooth transition to a low carbon economy, with the integration of low cost intermittent generation sources such as wind and solar.

Demand response is a long term solution to the current problems in the power market, and we are looking forward to working with the government to ensure that the NEG has an adequate provision for it.

At Flow Power, we are empowering our customers to respond to market signals. And in doing so, we’re helping to bring power prices down for everyone.

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