We’re thrilled to announce that Flow Power is a successful participant in AEMO’s Advancing Renewables Program – Demand Response.

Thanks to ARENA and the NSW government, we’ll be able to help manage peak demand on the NSW grid, effectively bringing costs down for users and minimising the need for infrastructure development.

Flow Power will launch the three-year Energy Under Control project, which includes the official rollout of the kWatch Intelligent Controller, developed in collaboration with our customers over a number of years.

The Controller is a simple, cost-effective device that will revolutionise the way in which businesses control their energy usage, and allows them to be even more involved in demand response programs. Participants can view their electricity demand and usage in real time, and set up custom alerts and actions based on operational needs.

Businesses can also leverage their energy usage as a source of income. Participants will receive activation payments through the program – in practical terms, this could mean tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue.

In short, this rollout will:

  • Assist with NSW’s demand response plans
  • Allow individual businesses to make more money
  • Give businesses greater control over energy usage and spend through features such as alerts to power down

Demand response is another way that businesses can take advantage of the changing power market. With Flow Power’s solution, it’s easy to get your energy under control.

That’s a win-win.

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