Demand response programs help you stay on top of market movements, meaning that you’re always across what’s best for your business.

AEMO the Australian Energy Market Operator predicts that demand may outstrip supply, which is often caused by extreme weather conditions and unpredicted events. Building additional infrastructure isn’t viable, as it is expensive and takes time. Instead demand response is being called for – it reduces pressure on the market, maintains reliability and lowers costs.

Formal demand response programs started on December 1 2017. Flow Power is participating in the ARENA NSW program and the AEMO RERT Panel in VIC and SA.

AEMO calls Lack of reserve (LoR) events when more supply is needed to the electricity market. We send you a series of alerts and messages to ensure you are ready to participate and that your business will receive payments for your efforts.

Businesses are enabled to respond quickly to events through the use of smart technology. The kWatch® Intelligent Controller automates responses to market signals, and also provides alerts, ensuring that you’ll be across all events. Your business will be able to approve the right actions from wherever you are. Your response time to market signals will be greatly improved.

Our Controller makes responding quick, easy and automatic, and can provide extra revenue as well as playing a big part in making the power grid more reliable for everyone.

Case study: Bill

In the webinar we provided a theoretical case study, in which NSW’s demand was predicted to peak at 3pm on a Tuesday. In the scenario AEMO confirmed additional capacity was needed, and therefore triggered Flow Power to start demand response.

We then notified Bill, a manufacturer who had signed up to provide 500kW of capacity. This means Bill is able to shed his site load by 500kw. We sent him a text and email in the majority of cases days in advance, to let him know an event was likely. We followed up with another text and email to confirmation that his site was ready to load shed or transfer to a backup generator. To do this, Bill had to approve the demand response  He was always in control.

Bill was the primary contact and he did respond, however if he was unable to respond within time, the messages would be sent to his secondary and then backup contacts.

Once Bill gives the OK, the Controller powers down or shifts load of his site’s equipment – and once the event has ended, the controller automatically restores usage back to normal. Bill receives a payment for his successful participation.

That’s a win for Bill and his business, and for the power market overall as he’s helped to reduce pressure on the grid.

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