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Power Renewable

Achieve long-term sustainability

Purchase energy linked directly to a real renewable project.

Support renewable energy generation and power your business with a Power Renewable energy contract. Your business can now be directly linked to specific wind and solar projects across Australia. 

Enjoy the added benefit of Price-Efficiency Adjustment (PEA) and be rewarded for using energy more efficiently.  

With a PEA, you can adjust your electricity consumption to when more renewables are generating, and wholesale prices are usually at their lowest. 

How Power Renewable works 

Flow Power’s Power Renewable plan simplifies renewable energy, by providing your business with 100% GreenPower from an accredited generator. By choosing Power Renewable Flow Power ensures that for every kWh of energy you consume an equivalent amount of renewable energy is added to the grid from your generator. 

By purchasing the equivalent of 100% renewable energy through a project, not only are you getting a fair price for your electricity, but you can be confident in your support of Australia’s renewable transition.  

Key plan features 

  • Help achieve your sustainability goals by committing to a renewable project 
  • Flexibility on term, go 100% renewable for as short as 12 months 
  • Access to a competitive base energy rate at the time of contracting 
  • Get rewarded for your energy efficiency through the Price Efficiency Adjustment 
  • Intelligent technology supplied to monitor the energy market for low prices and simplify energy action 
  • Dedicated Client Solutions Managers in your state 

What is GreenPower?

GreenPower is a government-managed program that makes sure GreenPower businesses buy from GreenPower Providers to support greater renewable energy generation in Australia.  

When you choose GreenPower, you can be confident you’re buying independently accredited renewable energy from entirely renewable sources. 

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How pricing works

The energy charge component for Power Renewable is made up of 3 key elements: 

  1. The green energy rate: which combines the cost of electricity and GreenPower from your accredited renewable generator. 
  2.  The Price Efficiency Adjustment: Get the added benefit of Price-Efficiency Adjustment (PEA) – Flow Power’s measurement of how efficient your energy use is. We’re here to help you get the best PEA possible. 
  3.  Retail margin: Flow Power always discloses our transparent retail margins, so you know how much we are making off the agreement.

Through Flow Power’s intelligent customer tools and alerts, we’ll help you monitor the energy market prices, so you can time your energy use around low price periods. Low price periods typically occur in the day, when the most renewable energy is generated and supplied to the grid.  

Other retailers typically fix a premium to an initial price to cover a range of load scenarios. Under this model, you control your load shape, which means you can shape your price each month. 

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Is this plan right for your business? 

Power Renewable is designed for businesses looking to take their sustainability goals to the next level. If you’re unsure how to “go renewable” watch our webinar that breaks down what choosing renewable energy means for your business, the different options available and some case studies of customers who have gone renewable.  


Ready to power up? Our friendly energy specialists are here to help.  

If you have any questions about how Power Renewable and our add-on features could suit your business, the Flow Power team are here to help.