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Signalling Service

Remotely manage and respond to electricity price events; anytime, anywhere

Giving you the power to switch off

Enjoy peace of mind when it comes to electricity costs, with Flow Power’s Signalling Service. Our team of energy specialists are constantly monitoring the market – so you don’t have to.

When you opt in, we’ll automatically switch off your assets if an energy event is occurring. Alternatively, where the load can’t be switched off, we’ll advise you swap to a backup source of generation, such as a battery.

With all the benefits of our Market Monitoring Service, our Signalling Service makes it easy to avoid the sting of high price energy events. All you’ve got to do is make the switch.

Key benefits

  • Receive notifications when electricity prices are high, so you can avoid price spikes
  • Reduce your electricity bill by reducing your energy consumption during high price events
  • Save time and resources with automated assets, controlled remotely


  • Respond quickly and automatically when an energy event occurs
  • Available with all electricity plans

How does Signalling Service work?

The process of setting up Signalling Service varies on a site-to-site basis, depending on your assets and how you use your energy. We will perform a site visit and feasibility study to determine the most appropriate strategy based on these factors.

Next, we’ll install a kWatch controller at your site; a device unique to Flow Power, utilised by our Engineering team. From here, we’ll select your load response configuration and provide you with real-time data and alerts.

Our 3 types of load response configurations

1. Controlled site: pre-authorised

Activates automatically at the start of an energy event, unless we hear otherwise from you.

2. Controlled site: authorised

Activates automatically only when all nominated contacts do not respond after receiving the energy event start notification.

3. Controlled site

Only activates once when we receive an ‘Approved’ message from you.

What happens next?

With your load response configuration selected, you can sit back and relax while our team of energy specialists monitor the market for you.

We’ll act on your behalf when the market price changes, and let you know when we switch your energy back to your mains, after the high price event has concluded.

FAQs about Signalling Service

Is Signalling Service right for my business?

Organisations that have a reasonable degree of flexibility with their operations, or have business energy continuity measures in place to switch off their devices during high price events, are suited to our Signaling Service. Examples include agricultural businesses or utility boards – but if you’re unsure, get in touch to learn how we can help.

What energy assets are best suited to this service?

Generally, any backup energy assets such as generators, batteries or pumps are suitable for switching off during high price events, to avoid disruptions to your operations and price peaks.

However, if your business doesn’t have backup energy assets but has flexible operation times, you can still utilise this service. Simply power down during the price spikes and shift your load to avoid higher prices.


What is an energy event?

The energy market is volatile, with prices on the wholesale market varying constantly throughout the day. An energy event is when the energy price exceeds a certain bracket for an extended period.

Several factors such as extreme temperatures, unexpected generator outages or contingency events on the grid typically combine to drive periods of very high pricing. This is what is known as an ‘event’.

Additional benefits

As a Signaling Service customer, you have access to the Market Monitoring Service hub, which offers transparent insights into the energy market and allows you to monitor your demand response performance in real-time.

See how Signalling Service works in action

Learn how Melbourne’s largest water retailer, Yarra Valley Water, is utilising Signalling Service as part of its energy strategy, to help cut costs and reducing overall carbon emissions.

Ready to access the benefits of Signalling Service for your business?

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