In this 30 minute webinar, join three of Flow Power’s energy specialists answer the most common questions about what choosing renewable energy means for your business.

Some of the key points discussed during the webinar include:

  • Costs involved and the various and practical ways your business can “go renewable”
  • The real difference between carbon credits vs. renewable energy certificates
  • How to avoid “greenwashing”
  • What your business can claim as a result of choosing renewables
  • Two Flow Power customers – their journey and results after they moved to renewable energy

Jacob Mahoney, Sarah Cork and Byron Trichardt answer 10 minutes of questions at the end, but as always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Flow Power team.

Some questions answered during the webinar include:

  • Is now a good time to buy renewables?
  • At what usage in MWh pa does Wholesale become cheaper for small businesses?
  • Solar panels are improving in cost effectiveness, but when will batteries get better?
  • How does costing compare between using electricity from PPAs, LGCs and the regular Market?

Any questions? Our energy experts are here to help.

If you’re an existing Flow Power customer, please do not hesitate to reach out to your account manager.

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