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Demand response rewards businesses for making changes to how and when they use power. It's a mechanism that helps businesses avoid high energy costs, unlock new revenue and helps to support our energy system when it needs it.

Put simply, it refers to changing your demand for power by responding to signals from the wholesale energy market.

The wholesale energy market is dynamic. Prices change throughout the day, month and year. But most of the time wholesale prices are well below average fixed rates. 

Demand response allows your business to take advantage of the true price of energy and avoid the highs.

Think of demand response like the energy market equivalent of surge pricing on a rideshare app. When there is more demand, prices rise. When this happens we’ll let you know and you can decide if it makes sense for your business to power down or not.


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Let us put you in touch with one of our energy experts for a no-obligation chat about how your business could unlock value from demand response and the wholesale energy market. 

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Demand response rewards businesses for reducing their demand during peak energy periods

Unlock energy savings with demand response

Introducing Demand Response

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Responding means rewards

Responding means rewards

Responding means reward

Demand response doesn't have to mean big changes in power use. Even small changes can make a difference.

It can be as simple as powering down non-essential operations when you receive a signal from the energy market or moving more energy intensive operations to different times of the day.

Sounds easy, right? Plus, we have a team of demand response experts on hand to help you take the right action.

Demand response is different in every business, it can be...

It's easier than you think

We're more than an energy retailer


Flow Power has helped businesses unlock value through demand response for more than ten years.

From retailing electricity, to providing the latest technology and expert advice, we partner with businesses to reshape how they manage energy.  

Our dedicated team of experts are always ready with the right tools and advice so that you can focus on what matters the most - running your business.

Setting daily non-essential operations, like forklift charging, to take place at low-peak times in the afternoon or overnight.

Pre-cooling refrigerators early in the day and powering down during peak price periods for just an hour or two.

Powering down non-essential plant operations for the few hours over summer when prices peak.

Access new revenue streams through programs designed to reward businesses for supporting the energy system

Be paid to power down

Put your business' energy strategy into the hands of a team you can trust. We know the ins and outs of the energy market so you don't have to.

Dedicated energy experts

Access to the right data and tools to enhance business decision making and simplify complex projects.

Market-leading tech and insights

From demand response through to renewables, we can help you create and manage an end-to-end energy strategy.

End-to-end energy management

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Find out how your business can reshape how it uses power to save on costs, open up new revenue streams and help keep the lights on for everyone.