Aidan Moore first connected with our fresh approach to retailing electricity. Now he connects customers with better prices – and bigger savings.

After joining Flow Power in 2018, Aidan excelled to become Trading and Pricing Manager – growing new products and his team.

This is Aidan’s Flow Power story. And he’s got some advice to help accelerate your career narrative too.

Getting closer to the action

“In my previous role I would advise customers, but I never felt the pain of high energy prices – nor the relief of low ones. I wanted to have more skin in the game and get closer to the action,” recalls Aidan.

In 2018 Aidan was working in energy consulting when he heard Flow Power’s CEO Matthew van der Linden join the conversation on a podcast called Energy Insiders.

“Matthew promoted a multi-pronged approach to energy management. He was eager to help customers optimise their demand response and connect them with renewable energy, all via Flow Power’s retail license. That model of user-centred empowerment really resonated with me.”

Aidan came in for a chat and joined Flow Power as a Senior Portfolio Analyst.

Connecting customers with savings and better energy choices

Now the Trading and Pricing Manager, Aidan and his team connect customers with the pulse of the energy market. He also works closely with the sales team to provide pricing and calculate what customers might save through better energy choices.

Aidan credits his rapid development to the electric enthusiasm of the team around him.

“When I stepped into the business in 2018, it was clear how hungry and qualified the team was. When you see those around you doing great work, it challenges you to be better too.”

Aidan notes how he wasn’t forced to fit into any pre-determined mould. And how that flexibility has allowed him and the wider team to make their mark.

“From the get-go, you’re given opportunities to test your ideas and try new things. This start-up mentality benefits us – and our customers.”

“If there’s something a business wants to try, we’ll do everything we can to support them. Whether that’s through our retail agreement, our engineering team or our renewables. We’ll explore every avenue to design a solution that meets their needs.”

Throughout his time at Flow Power, Aidan has helped accelerated the growth of products that previously weren’t well-understood by consultants or customers.

“Three years ago, there weren’t any products like Power Active. Since then, our team has been educating the market to save with lower prices when the market drops. Now it’s matured significantly and we’re seeing customers who are eager to embrace it.”

Want to get ahead? Make yourself known

Aidan encourages professionals wanting to make an impact in Australia’s clean energy transition to take the first step.

“Don’t wait for a job. If you’re interested in the business, send across your CV or reach out to someone for a catch-up.”

“Show initiative and make yourself known. If you don’t, someone else will.”

Looking ahead, Aidan is eager to support more customers to be better connected to the market – and to educate them on that journey.

“It’s clear the transformation underway won’t succeed by only focusing on one aspect of the energy market, such as the supply side. I want to help people actively participate in the energy market. By making smarter energy choices, they’re the ones who can champion our clean energy transition.”

We’re on the lookout for curious creators and clean energy champions.

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