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Top Cut Foods: taking an active approach to electricity costs

Learn about the energy strategy helping
Top Cut Foods optimise operations and cut costs

Case study overview

Flow Power’s innovative electricity plans, smart technology and engineering and advisory are helping Top Cut Foods optimise its energy use. 

With multiple sites across Australia to power, Top Cut Foods made the switch to Flow Power in search of a more cost-effective business electricity solution.  

Sites throughout QLD, SA, VIC & NSW
Optimise energy use to reduce bills
Power Plan
Power Active & Active Option

Why Flow Power?

“You should be looking at Flow Power. They offer great customer service in addition to fantastic rates. You don’t get locked into rates if the market drops.” 

Charles Geraghty – CFO, Top Cut Foods on Flow Power’s Active Option

Top Cut Foods is Australia’s specialist butcher, established in 1981

It provides and delivers premium protein products across multiple brands in Australia and internationally.

Processing and storing meat is a 24-hour, 365 day a year operation, and like other industries operating machinery and cold storage facilities, it requires a sizable amount of power.  

With Flow Power’s help, Top Cut Foods now has a cost management strategy in place to optimise daily operations without reducing its output or compromising the quality of its products. Our expert team and smart technology have enabled Top Cut Foods to take advantage of low-price energy periods. 

How Top Cut Foods cut costs with Power Active

Finding the right energy strategy

With average energy costs on the rise across the NEM, it’s becoming increasingly important to have energy efficiency strategies in place for your business. 

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Taking the Active Option

Top Cut Meats joined Flow Power in 2021 on a Power Active plan, securing a competitive base energy rate and optingin for the Active Option.

This unique plan add-on allows customers to periodically move to a lower base rate if the electricity market prices drop.  

Optimising price efficiency

Additionally, this plan includes Flow Power’s unique Price Efficiency Adjustment (PEA), further rewarding customers that can shift most of their energy usage to periods of low demand on the wholesale market.

Learn more about wholesale electricity pricing

The results

With Flow Power’s advice, Top Cut Foods locked in a contract at an ideal time.

With a competitive base rate secured, and an energy strategy to reshape how and when it uses power, it has managed to avoid the higher price periods of the energy market. To date, this approach has identified an average of 33% energy cost savings for its four sites over the past 3 years.  

Savings of this magnitude have unlocked additional revenue, allowing Top Cut Foods to invest in future-proof energy infrastructure, like on-site solar.

Tools & tech supporting Top Cut Foods

The energy market is constantly evolving, and as a leading producer and distributor in the industry, it’s vital for Top Cut Foods to stay ahead of the curve. That’s why we continue to support Top Cut Foods with engineering and advisory through Energy Ready and monitor its live usage data using our kWatch controller. 

Leveraging its consistent load profile, with expert energy insights including tariff reviews, solar and smart monitoring technology, Flow Power is helping Top Cut Foods achieve optimal energy outcomes. 

“We trust Flow Power has our best interests at heart, the team provide our business with suggestions and energy advice when needed. I like the potential to move to a lower rate with the Active Option – no other energy companies offer that.”

Charles Geraghty – CFO, Top Cut Foods

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