In 2020, Flow Power welcomed Ascham School to our customer portfolio, as the first New South Wales school to sign onto a Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

The ground breaking energy contract supports Ascham’s aim to acquire power through renewable energy sources and links them to the Sapphire Wind Farm and the Bomen Solar Farm.  

While Ascham will continue to use energy from the grid which combines renewable and non-renewable sources, their PPA will connect them to renewable generators delivering wind and solar power to the grid. 

The landmark agreement saw Ascham become the first school in NSW to enter a deal of this kind, providing them with an expected long-term reduction in costs and ensuring their budget is spent on energy linked to renewable power plants.  

The deal will help Ascham achieve its ambitious sustainability targets and contribute to a lower carbon economy with Ascham also purchasing Large Generation Certificates to match some of its consumptions. 

Flow Power first introduced corporate renewable PPAs to the Australian market in 2017 and now count Olam Orchards, ANCA Machines and Burra Foods as customers. 

The agreement with Ascham was the beginning of the growing appetite for PPAs in the Australian market from mindful businesses and organisation, demand that continues today. 

“We’re thrilled to have Ascham School as a customer, and applaud their leadership in taking on an agreement of this kind.” 

“The education sector is uniquely placed to benefit from Corporate Renewable PPAs, due to the longevity of its schools and of the PPAs themselves. We look forward to collaborating with Ascham School throughout the duration of this agreement to deliver an energy solution that evolves to fit the school’s needs.” 

Matthew van der Linden, Flow Power Chief Operating Officer Flow Power

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