It takes a lot of power to run a water processing plant. They need to pump large amounts of water around the site and make sure it can get to us when we turn on the tap. That’s why we’ve been working with businesses like Goulburn Valley Water to keep costs down. 

Behind fixed-contract electricity rates, there is a wholesale electricity market similar to the water market, but that trades in five-minute pricing intervals, with prices moving according to supply and demand. With new technologies and processes, markets like water and electricity are changing rapidly. The businesses that welcome the changes will be ahead of the pack.

Flow Power customers are already benefiting. The Flow Power combination of technologies, expertise and transparency has given its customers control over their power bills – it just flows.

Flow Power gives the water industry:
  • Access to the wholesale electricity market – buying directly from the market to take advantage of generally lower prices.
  • Control to help you manage energy intensive operations into low price points of the market, effectively reducing costs.
  • Choice of tools and services, from advice to tailored technologies, customers benefit from having experts on their side.



Master buying wholesale electricity

kWatch® Intelligent Controller

Designed and built by Flow Power’s team, the kWatch® Intelligent Controller does just that – controls the energy to and from your systems. It gives you the information to avoid high price points in the market using backup generators and helps to shift pumping times to low price times.

The kWatch® Intelligent Controller provides customers with access to near-real-time consumption and price data. This information is available 24/7 and gives operators the confidence to make informed decisions.

Wholesale and solar

Thinking about installing solar, but not sure how to make the most of it? Flow Power’s solar solutions will match your solar output to a wholesale strategy that gives you the best of both worlds, without the initial outlay. If you have room on site, we can help you make the most of your installation.

Otherwise, you can buy power directly from a plant at another site. This locks in low prices for up to five years. Combining solar with wholesale energy means you can fix the bulk of your electricity needs, while still accessing the generally lower cost periods in the wholesale market outside of solar generation.

Market monitoring service

Each participant in the water industry has its own operation to run without adding to their workload. That’s where the Flow Power Market Monitoring service comes in.

Our unique system provides tailored alerts to advise customers about changes in the market. This ensures that you know when to take action to respond to market movements, which means you too can master the wholesale market.