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Ascham School goes renewable

"At Ascham, the whole school is committed to sustainable actions, so drawing energy from wind and solar farms is a terrific step in greening our future," says Candice Heapes of Ascham School
Ascham School becomes first NSW school to sign onto a Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreement.

Ascham School has ambitious sustainability targets and is committed to securing a low carbon future for its students. In an environment of rising energy costs, Ascham School has signed onto a Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Flow Power. This means it is committed to source around 90% of its power from renewable energy sources in NSW.

Raising tomorrow’s future leaders takes a lot of power.

Ascham’s power plan will:

  • Source 90% of its power needs from renewable energy plants in NSW
  • Give its students visibility on how they use power in real time
  • Open up new opportunities for batteries, energy efficiency and so much more
Simple decisions, big impacts.

This new power plan will give Ascham School more control over pricing while supporting the transition to a low carbon future.

By signing onto PPAs, organisations are ensuring renewable energy is built across the country.

Ascham School’s power will be sourced from a wind farm in New England and a solar farm in Wagga.

Play Video Hear from Ascham's head of school about their power

Renewable energy is just the beginning.

Ascham and Flow Power will keep this page updated with the latest news. In the meantime, check out the following links.

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Our growing focus on sustainability is part of our strategic plan

Andrew Powell, Ascham Head of School