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May 21st 2024
Updated May 22nd 2024
How to secure the best business electricity deal as a small market customer
Flow Power's experts explain how to secure the best business electricity deal as a small market customer and understand if commercial rates are right for your business.
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Rooftop solar: a guide to safety, compliance, and avoiding common installation issues 
Our solar installation and audit experts share common compliance issues, and easy ways to ensure the quality of your solar system.  
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Forward contracting: the energy strategy helping your business power forward 
Learn about how forward contracting your energy can benefit your business.
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Mar 22nd 2023
Updated Mar 27th 2024
Q4 2024 Ceiling Prices
Set every quarter and flexible with your individual business needs, the Ceiling sets a peak price in accordance with market activity, ensuring you’ll never pay more than you need to.
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Jun 10th 2022
Updated Sep 13th 2022
Becoming a more sustainable school 
Every dollar wasted on energy bills is an opportunity lost to enhance learning environments for students in Australia.
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Mar 9th 2022
Updated Oct 10th 2022
Introducing the new Price Efficiency Indicator
An extremely handy tool, the Price Efficiency Indicator has been built to help businesses monitor, manage, and maximise their energy bill’s value and shape their price efficiency adjustment.
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