The Flow Power team have put together this handy webinar all about PEA and ways to optimise your efficinecy for cost and carbon intensity reduction. Our energy specialists Aidan and Nathaniel looked at the Price Efficiency Adjustment, what it is and how customers can make the most of it.

Watch the recording here:

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 4:30 – What we’ll be covering in this On the Spot update
  • 5:26 – Asking the audience if they shift their energy usage from on-peak to off-peak hours
  • 9:15 – An overview of Price Efficiency Adjustment
  • 17:35 – Looking at it from a customer perspective
  • 26:06 – Tools to manage your Price Efficiency Adjustment
  • 29:15 – Optimising your PEA
  • 31:43 – Questions and answers
  • 42:20 – Conclusions

What tools can businesses use to optimise their energy usage?

Businesses can perform energy management in any capacity to improve how and when they use power. Whether that be responding to high price events through demand response, making small daily shifts to your operations or adding solar or storage on your site.