Businesses will have access to some of the cheapest power on the market and will also be incentivised to follow market signals in line with any variation in the low-cost generation.

Renewable developments are a new employer throughout regional Australia, and certainty throughout these agreements will help grow the industry. Cheap power can ensure that the country produces more profitable businesses.

Renewable Corporate PPAs are the key to keeping power costs down, and our aim is to be able to offer these savings to all large energy users across the country,” says Flow Power’s managing director and founder, Matthew van der Linden.

As an energy managing specialist, van der Linden grasped an opportunity to help businesses manage their load and reduce their power bills with the wholesale market.

Flow Power is currently working with developments existing and in construction across SA, NSW, VIC, TAS and QLD to ensure that more businesses have access to Corporate Renewable PPAs.

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