Like many of our customers, Smart Machinery is a manufacturer that turned to Flow Power to power its operations.

We unlock new value for Smart Machinery through:

Connecting them to price signals in the market
Unlocking the value of its backup generators
Implementing effective demand response
Securing long-term low cost power to protect against increases in contract prices
A wholesale energy market exists

The wholesale market is dynamic. Prices are linked to supply, demand, and change throughout the day, month and year across the National Energy Market. Despite these movements, most retailers charge fixed rates.

These rates take this variability and smooth it out. This can push up the prices you pay.

At Flow Power, we connect businesses to the actual price of power. We do this by passing on access to the wholesale market, and its low prices. 

That means you’ll have even more opportunities to reshape your power and the prices you pay.

For example, if you have a back-up generator synchronised with the grid, you can leverage higher prices by selling spare capacity back to the market.

We work with you to reduce energy costs and set you up to unlock more value in the future. 

The best at what we do

We set our customers up with a site analysis to identify exactly how we can unlock value from their energy. With Smart Machinery, our analysis revealed potential for:

  • Installing a back-up generator onsite to give back to the grid 
  • Reduction in energy costs
  • Demand response to create new income streams
  • Installing a kWatch Intelligent Controller to deliver insights into how and when to use energy
Here’s a slice of reality

Over a 24-hour period, Smart Machinery was able to respond to energy market signals, often called demand response.  

Transferring to a generator, Smart Machinery avoided higher electricity prices between 5pm and 10.30pm, reducing its energy costs by around $20,000.

In the same time period, Smart Machinery earned more than $10,000 by exporting excess capacity back into the grid.

What you need to know

Demand response programs for 2020 summer have now opened. 

Speak with one of our experts today to find out more about how your business can unlock the value of demand response.

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