At Flow Power, we use publicly available data and years of experience to give you the best picture of what you’ll pay for power into the future. We rely on this data and over the years these sources of information have proven to be a good guide for making decisions on what you should pay for your power.

So, where do the numbers come from?

There’s two places.

For numbers into the future, we look to the ASX Energy Futures and for past prices, Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

Future contract prices are publicly available on the ASX Energy website. The ASX Energy and other ‘over the counter’ markets are where retailers trade contracts to manage price into the future. There are a range of contracts available, but we look to the swap contract prices.

They are representative of where all the energy traders think the wholesale spot market will go because they are buying and selling to cover their price risk. This is not just for retailers, you can see Future Energy contracts right now!

While the ASX Energy Futures is predicting the market, AEMO tells us what actually happens. Every five minutes generators are bidding into the power market and a price for power is settled each half hour. At Flow Power we look to these trends to find new ways to keep your costs down.

How we use these numbers

We keep an archive of past prices and have real-time access to current prices.

Our experts use this to:

  • Compare past prices with current wholesale spot prices and possible future outcomes
  • Create scenarios for customers based on their expectations of price certainty
  • Report back to customers on how they’ve performed against, fixed rates and other scenarios.

A smarter way to buy power

We give you access to the market’s forecast prices, so we can help your business choose smarter power options. When you are presented with a rate or a wholesale solution make sure you ask how they have come up with that outcome. If they can’t tell you – you should look elsewhere.

Transparency should be a priority for anyone evaluating offers and their is publicly available data to help you.

All this and more can be discussed with one of our power experts who can help you find an option that will work for your business

You have the power.

Any questions? Get in touch with Nick today. He can walk you through the ASX Energy Website in under 15 minutes.

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