Unlike other energy retailers, we work together with our customers, to empower them with the right tools and relevant information to take charge of their electricity bill.

And we’re not just saying that. We believe in bridging the energy knowledge gap, listening to customer feedback to innovate useful solutions, plus full transparency to what’s happening in the energy market.

That’s why we’re so excited to showcase our new energy tool – introducing Flow Power’s new “Price Efficiency Indicator”. This handy customer portal feature has been built to help businesses monitor, manage, and maximise their energy bill’s value and shape their price efficiency adjustment.

What does the new Price Efficiency Indicator do?

An extremely handy tool, the Price Efficiency Indicator shows you in real time the energy market spot price and an easy-to-understand gauge. It’s a visual representation and simple messaging if energy prices are currently low, typical or high.

The indicator has 6 different messages to advise you about current energy prices:

  • Now is the best time to use power
  • Now is a good time to use power
  • Prices are within your typical range
  • Prices are above your typical range
  • Prices are very high above typical
  • Avoid using power if possible

Click here for more information about how to use energy more efficiently and help lower your costs with Flow Power’s Price Efficiency Adjustment (PEA).

How does the Price Efficiency Indicator help people shape their energy?

The Price Efficiency Indicator allows customers to have an active role in improving their price outcomes and take advantage of renewable energy.

Configured to each specific site linked on your Flow Power account, customers can now log in and check how their energy use and price efficiency is tracking and understand immediately what action they can take to improve their bill.

The opportunity to actively improve your bill and PEA

Customers can now easily monitor and shape their energy behaviour to improve their Price Efficiency Adjustment (PEA). Utilising live data, the indicators’ arrow indicates the price efficiency status for your energy site.

The Price Efficiency Indicator gives Flow Power customers real time information as to whether the latest energy price and their current energy usage is improving or worsening their monthly PEA.

Customers can also view their price efficiency adjustment over the last 30 days, allowing them to make informed decisions and change their behaviour for cost and carbon savings.

Talk to us today to see how you could improve your bill.

Use live data to champion renewable energy

Reducing your carbon intensity

From an altruistic perspective, times when energy prices are low usually correlate to high renewable energy generation which is then supplied to the grid. When energy prices are high, it is usually the most carbon intensive time to use energy.

This means that when customers improve their PEA, they are getting more than just cost savings on their energy bill. Customers are reducing their carbon intensity by using energy in peak renewable energy generation times and reducing their dependency on fossil fuels.

Achieving sustainability Goals

Some businesses have taken great steps toward setting sustainability goals and reducing their impact on the environment. The Price Efficiency Indicator allows these customers to be in control of their energy usage- knowing that reducing their PEA simultaneously reduces the dependence on fossil fuel generation. Not only can they see positive effects on their energy bill, but they can also be confident that they’re contributing towards their long-term sustainability goals.

Supporting grid stability

Sudden surges in energy use can cause significant stress on the grid and put pressure on our existing infrastructure. Shifting consumption behaviour to match peak renewable energy times, can not only help to save on costs, but it also supports the notion that by building more renewable energy generators, we can continue to reduce grid stress and therefore the pressure on our infrastructure.

We’re building the technology to empower customers

The hardware

To use the Price Efficiency Indicator, sites must be connected to the portal via a kWatch Controller. Throughout 2022 as part of a structured roll-out, Flow Power customers will be offered complimentary on-site installation of kWatch. If you are a Flow Power customer, your dedicated Client Solutions Manager will be in touch in the coming months to discuss your installation.

The software

The new Price Efficiency Indicator can be accessed in the Flow Power customer portal. Every customer at Flow Power gets access to the online portal which provides you with an overview of;

  • Your daily energy load profile
  • Your energy consumption related to the wholesale spot price
  • Your energy ready analysis (for price efficiency adjustment impact)

Questions about the Price Efficiency Indicator? We’re here to help.

If you’re a Flow Power customer already, please reach out to your dedicated Client Solutions Manager.

If you’re not a Flow Power customer contact our friendly team today:

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