By reducing or avoiding energy-intensive activities, such as pumping during high price periods, irrigators are instantly in more control. The impact on operations is minimal – and their energy charges remain lower in the long run.

Fixed-rate contracts just don’t offer this kind of flexibility for your operations.

Let’s take a closer look

Over the past six years, Flow Power has been working with a South Australian almond and grape grower to help their business get more out of their electricity.


In that time, the business achieved significant savings, just by having the insight of when and how to control their energy output.

The grower aligned their energy-intensive operations with the low pricing periods of the market. This allowed them to save more than 30% on energy costs.

We send the almonds and grapes grower SMS and email alerts whenever a high price event is predicted in the market. This gives them ample time to postpone non-critical operations – like pumping to a dam – until the event is over.

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