Designed so that you get access to the lows of the wholesale electricity market while covering you from any unexpected market movements, it’s wholesale minus the highs.

The Ceiling gives you:

Access to wholesale rates when they are low
Certainty of pricing as we smooth costs over the quarter
Peace of mind with a roof over your price

Here’s how it all works.

Buying power through Flow Power means you get access to the lows of the wholesale market. Most of the time, the average market rates sit below the fixed rates that retailers traditionally offer.

You pay the market rate for each half hour you use power. This is then averaged out at the end of the month in your bill. It’s called a load weighted average.

So how is the Ceiling set?

Each quarter you get a new Ceiling based on the fixed rate market. Over the quarter you run your business, letting the Ceiling do its job while accessing the lows of the wholesale market.

At the end of most quarters, you won’t hit the Ceiling, and you will have benefited from low cost energy from the wholesale market. But if your average price over the quarter does go over the Ceiling, you’re protected.

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